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Re: orion palms; towers; myths about myths

Stephen Goranson wrote regarding the unanimous support for the Essene

>How well did de Vaux, Allegro (e.g., a former Methodist
>seminary student become militant athiest, one of whose books was re-dubbed
>Phallus in Fungusland), Dupont-Sommer, Trever, Brownlee, Sowmy, Milik,
>Strugnell, Sukenik, Samuel, Starckey, Yadin, Cross, Vermes, Fitzmyer,
>Wilson, Carmignac, et al. agree on other issues (historical,  political,
>religious,  etc.)?

This list makes me think of the small backwoods town that used to have a
large population, but now all the young people have moved elsewhere.

Talking of the greats won't change the fact that the liberated documents
have scuttled the Essene hypothesis.

What will happen when the Wadi el-Daliyeh docs get liberated?

Ian Hutchesson

Oh, and Stephen should be aware that some archaeological work going on a
Qumran see the site as a villa and there have been some very interesting
developments this year. This of course is not in conflict with Qumran 1B
having been a Hasmonean installation, just the Essene hypothesis. Why was
only Qumran of the Dead Sea settlements not located at a spring, but
supplied by a costly water system? What was so important about its position
to justify the water system?