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orion two notes on Pliny

	The mix-up in Nat. Hist. V. 7 3 which mentions Jerusalem where
Jericho is appropriate is quite probably a copyiest's error, since both
Latin names begin HIER-, and Pliny (or his source Agrippa, who knew
administrative districts and who knew Herod who knew Essenes) had clearly
distinguished them above.
	The New York Times yesterday (15 July B1, 2) had an interesting
article on renewed excavations at Herculaneum where many Greek papyri were
found long ago and where, presumably, more Greek, as well as some Latin,
papyri remain to be found.  Who knows, maybe including: more works of Pliny
(who died in the Vesuvius erruption), the histories of Posidonius (who knew
Pompey) and Strabo, the map, commentary and autobiography of M. V. Agrippa,
etc.... though these might more likely be found in a villa of Stoics than
Stephen Goranson