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Re: orion Orion Sadducees (MMT) et al

At 22:37 15/07/97 -0500, Jack Kilmon wrote:
>I see no reason why there was not a close relationship between Yeshuine
>"Evyonim" and Essenic "Evyonim" and that many Essenes both in Judea AND
>Damascus became "proto-Christians."

"Essenic 'Evyonim'" is an oxymoron.  Eusebius, the Didache, et al. record
that the Evyonim and other 'proto-Christian' groups accepted the idea of
selective observance of (halakhah / ma'aseh / "Book of Decrees"), i.e.,
partial observance logically equivalent to partial rejection of the Law.
This is diametrically antithetical to the Qumran Tzedoqim, if you're
equating Essenes to Qumran Tzedoqim, and makes any transition from
ultra-Torah-strict Qumran Tzedoqim to selectively-Torah-observant (rejecting
Torah, even if only partially) 'proto-Christian' impossible.  There is no
continuity from legitimate Judaism of the period -- as defined by the
undisputed authority, the Beyt Din Ha-Gadol whose decisions reflected the
"halakhah" (Mishnah?) of the three major sects -- and 'proto-Christianity'.

It is the issue of selective observance which delineated
'proto-Christianity' of this period from legitimate Judaism of this period
-- the sine qua non.

There is no evidence of the necessary transition between these diametric
opposites (except the "Two Poofs" explained in my books), and without
evidence demonstrating the transition it is, therefore, non sequitur to
suggest that ultra-Torah-strict Qumran Tzedoqim (Essenes?) evolved into
partial- Torah-rejecting 'proto- Christians'.  In fact, such an ultra-strict
sect would be the last candidate.  The best candidates to demonstrate
lapsing into partial rejection of (Mishnah Torah?) would be assimilated
Hellenists who, if they had any religious connection at all, most likely
vaguely sympathized with the *Hellenist*-Roman Pseudo-Tzedoqim.  With their
demise following the destruction of the Beyt Ha-Miqdash, here we have
candidates who fit the natural evolution of Jews already oriented both
toward Romans and selective observance (if observant at all) of Torah.  I've
seen no evidence to suggest otherwise, no evidence to logically suggest any
continuity between the Qumran group and 'proto-Christianity' whatsoever, and
all the available evidence suggests that the Qumran Tzedoqim and
'proto-Christians' were diametric opposites.  It's rather like suggesting
that the kharedim will be delegates at the next Southern Baptist Convention.
BeVirkot Torah,

Yirmiyahu Ben-David
Paqid 16, Global Congregation of Nazarene Jews

Netzarim Virtual Community Center
Ra'anana, Israel

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