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orion Groups-Rechabites

Speaking of Rechabites, I recall that in Eusebius' account of what he says
is Hegesippus' account [sorry for the skepticism here but Robert Grant was
my teacher!) of the death of James, brother of Jesus, there is a strange
reference to a "Rechabite priest" who is a supporter of James:

". . . And while they were thus stoning him one of the priests of the sons
of Rechab, the son of Rechabim, to whom Jeremiah the prophet bore witness,
cried out saying, 'Stop! what are you doing, the Just One is praying for you.' "

H.E. II. xiii.17, see the note in the Loeb edition by K. Lake who notes that
Epiphanius gives a similar report but replaces this Rechabite with Simeon
bar Clopas!  Most interesting.  

I am sure Eisenman on James has much on this, just don't have it handy here
to look.  

James D. Tabor

At 12:06 AM 7/10/97 +0300, Ronit Nikolsky wrote:
>I will not include a quote of Dale Cannon's much quoted question, but I
>will just add for the record: Rechabites (probably originally they were
>not Jews, but may have converted, at least some of them), and quoting
>from D. Herman's article (in Hebrew) (I don't remember the Journal, but
>I will try to recall if neede) Haverim, Zenuim (with a tsadik), Hasidim.
>Ronit Nikolsky, Hebrew U