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orion Ancient Jewish Groups

Dale Cannon asked:

> Does anyone know how many and under what names these cults and factions
> existed?
> Can I get a list, please.
> It might make the present discussion a bit more clear (?).
> Dale M. Cannon
> dale.cannon@bbs.nightowl.net

The ancient listings by Philo (Essenes, Therapeutae), Josephus (Sadducees,
Pharisees, Essenes, "4th Philosophy" [Zealots, Sicarii], Samaritans), and
Hegesippus (Essenes, Galileans, Hemerobaptists, Masbotheans, Samaritans,
Sadducees, Pharisees) are probably the earliest and most widely discussed.
Epiphanius and other 4th/5th century Christian authors add other
interesting dimensions to the discussion, and the NT Gospels refer to
Herodians (Mark and Matthew) as well as to Sadducees and Pharisees and

For a readable, if somewhat dated, discussion, see Marcel Simon, <t>Jewish
Sects at the Time of Jesus</> (Fortress 1967); but any reliable
introduction to Judaism in this period will carry similar information.

Bob Kraft, UPenn