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orion Re: Sadducees, MMT, etc.

Of course there is more than one self-designation in the scrolls. But
edat ha-evionim or yahad, for instance, can't be the source of "Essene."
	It is far from certain that what Ezekiel wrote applies to what you
suggest in 2nd cent. BCE. In what you quote, he doesn't use the root
p-r-sh, so there's no link to MMT's parashnu. If MMT wanted to use
Ezekiel here, it would probably have used Ezekiel's Hebrew terms.
	The MMT writer(s) complained about some current temple priests'
behavior, so they didn't control them. They speak of impure practices
based on misinterpretation of torah. Compare Ant. 18.19 on "different
customary purifications" of Essenes. They separated from such people.
They did not limit themselves to discussion of sacred space.
	Again (bibl. given earlier): M. Agrippa visited Judaea and made a map
and commentary; Pliny listed Agrippa as a source; Pliny was not in
Judaea (despite earlier misunderstandings); Pliny's source used Herodian
administrative districts; Pliny partly updated his source to note the
Stephen Goranson    goransons@uncwil.edu