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Re: orion Orion Sadducees (MMT)

In a message dated 97-07-07 00:02:45 EDT, mc2499@mclink.it (Ian Hutchesson)

<< we know that the Oniad supporters were
 religious conservatives; their enemies would have been the "liberals" of the
 likes of Menelaus who I think were taking the conciliatory approach to
 Antioch; Alcimus came to power in the same current; how far are we here from
 what became Pharisaic position? >>

As I recall MMT it discussed two of the diferences between "we" and "they".
One dealt with the method of purifcation of the priests using the red heifer
and water.
This was necessary if the priest was unpure due to contact with a dead body
It seems that the duration of the process with the ashes of the red heifer
required a wait by the priest until the end of the day (sunset).  They felt
it was not necessary to wait until sunset, if the entire ritual was

As I recall another diference between "we" and "they" was the nature  of the
flowing water necessary for ritual bath . " We" were much more strict about
what was "live" water and what was water which was contaminated and not

I think if we discuss the content of the DSS documents and not engage in
personal attacks and just discuss one positions this will be a better list
and we can stop collecting junk E-Mail which we just have to delete.The MMT
writer was saying that what the High Priest and the Priests were doing was
not proper according to the Law which could not be changed or diminished.
Steve Abramowitz