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orion Re: Orion Sadducees (MMT)

Yirmiyahu wrote the following as a comment on my suggestion that noone need
invent more unknown groups in order to explain the significance of the
parties mentioned in MMT:

>This idea doesn't seem to me to fit nearly as well as the analysis of
>Qimron, et al.  

Does not fit what "nearly as well", Yirmiyahu? If we are forming hypotheses
to supply a functional background to MMT, I have supplied one that needs no
extras, that has a well-defined moment in history, that reflects the people
who were present at that time. It might be totally wrong, but given the
information we have available, Occam says no to the creation of yet another
unknown to complicate the situation.

Why doesn't it seem to fit whatever it was nearly as well?

>But my objective has been to get that analysis aired, for
>which I thank S. Goranson.

You have been used the names Qimron and Strugnell on and off for a year now
without actually making any substantive comments on their position. Then you

>I prefer not to argue the positions of Qimron, et al. as they
>presented them better than I can (which is why I've resisted summarizing
>them in this forum).

Perhaps if you've got nothing to add, you might give the topic a rest.


Ian Hutchesson
But grasp this writing so that you know how to preserve the books which I
will give you, which you will put in order and anoint with cedar oil and
place in vessels of clay in the place which he made from the beginning of
the creation of the world... (TMos 1:16-17)