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orion Ulrich on 4Q 1 Sam 1:22?

Dear Prof. Ulrich,
My brother sent me an article (from US News & World Report July 7) in
which you are quoted concerning Matt 2:23: "It is clear that Matthew was
reading an edition of the biblical prophets that we don't have" and that
a passage in the Qumran version of 1 Samuel contains language you call
"startlingly close" to the "missing prophecy" that Matthew referred to.
Are you referring to 4Q1Sam on 1:22 "He [Samuel] will be called a nazir
forever"? I have thought that the key root intended by Matthew was
nun-sade-resh rather than nun-zayin-resh. Would you care to elaborate
(or have you published on this beyond that below)? Thanks.
[bibliography: E.C.Ulrich, The Qumran Text of Samuel and Josephus (HSM
19; Scholars Press); F.M.Cross "A New Biblical Fragment Related to the
Original Hebrew Underlying the Septuagint" BASOR 132 (1953) 15-26, esp.
18; Raymond Brown, The Birth of the Messiah (1979) p210-11.]

Stephen Goranson    goransons@uncwil.edu