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Re: orion Orion Sadducees (MMT)

At 02:52 07/07/97 +0200, Ian Hutchesson wrote:
>leaders of the temple cult (the sons of Zadok and their supporters) can
>easily fulfil the "we" voice in MMT...

Shalom Ian,
This idea doesn't seem to me to fit nearly as well as the analysis of
Qimron, et al.  But my objective has been to get that analysis aired, for
which I thank S. Goranson.  He's obviously read it where many others
haven't, and I respect that even though I don't agree with his analysis.  I
leave the basic arguments to be read in Qimron's book and counter arguments
to be formulated by the scholars in the field who, like S. Goranson, have
also read it.  I prefer not to argue the positions of Qimron, et al. as they
presented them better than I can (which is why I've resisted summarizing
them in this forum).  Together, they're the quarterbacks on the field.  I'm
a Monday morning quarterback.

Since my serendipitous use of "demonstrated" (Goranson was correct about it
being premature, if I didn't acknowledge that clearly) has brought Qimron's
analysis to an airing, I unequivocally assert this newly found magic formula
on another topic I haven' seen discussed: Broshi has *demonstrated* (i.e.,
so far uncontested, at least in this forum or I somehow missed it) his point
with the sandal nails they found.  (8-{)}
BeVirkot Torah,

Yirmiyahu Ben-David
Paqid 16, Global Congregation of Nazarene Jews

Netzarim Virtual Community Center
Ra'anana, Israel

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