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orion 4Q534-536 and Noah??

I'm in the process of reading Eisenman and Wise's book for the first 
time, and there's a lot I would like to discuss about it.  In the 
interests of bandwidth, though, I'll confine myself to one question 
for now: in their treatment of 4Q534-536 they call this work "The 
birth of Noah," and describe it as a mystical document giving "a 
wonderfully enriched picture of the figure of Noah" (p.33).  The 
problem I see is, I don't see any mention of Noah anywhere in the 
document itself.  Neither the transliterated Hebrew text nor their 
translation ever mentions any names at all.  Does anybody have an 
idea how they concluded that this is a text about Noah?  I confess I 
have done virtually nothing with the nonbiblical scrolls beyond 
combing them for biblical quotations (for text-critical purposes), 
but this one really has me baffled.

Dave Washburn