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orion Re: Ib and II dates

To me the Qumran inkwells look more like Roman period ones than Hellenistic.
		De Vaux, Laperrousaz, Milik, and Cross, who were at the dig, and others, agree on
evidence of a fire in 1st cent. BCE. S. Pfann told us the vol. 1 report is problematic and 
	J. Magness wrote:"...'scroll jars' are not attested at Qumran in any pre-31 BCE contexts. 
In fact, the presently available evidence indicates that they are found only in period II 
contexts at Qumran, though excavation photographs and parallels from Herodian Jericho 
suggest that they may have appeared during the reign of Herod the Great." (ASOR  1996 
newsletter abstract.)
	Reasons to consider M.V. Agrippa, writing c. 15 BCE,   Pliny's source on Essenes 
were given in JJS 1994 and orion 1996.
	  Stephen Goranson   goransons@uncwil.edu