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orion another mssg from the moderator

New Guideline:

I'd like to repeat part of my earlier mssg. The limit to 2 screens will 
be added to the Orion rules and it will be enforced. If you have trouble 
posting within that limit, then edit your mssg carefully, quote only what 
is absolutely necessary and shorten your signature, if possible. If you 
want to post an essay, then I suggest you post it on someone's home page 
or submit it to Jim West's new electronic journal. 
	At the same time I remind you that we do not encourage people to
post several times a day, so keep it brief. These guidelines are to ensure
that the list doesn't turn into a "mailbox clogger." 


My next point is to reiterate that Orion is not a forum to settle private
scores. If you feel that you have been treated unjustly by another
participant, then forward the mssg to me at msorion@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il
and we'll settle the matter privately. I logon several times daily but
when messages start to exceed 5000 K, I may miss details.  Attacks and
counterattacks of a personal nature do not belong on an academic list. 

Avital Pinnick
list moderator