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Re: orion Re: minim

>I am concerned that
>the misrepresentations and less-than-civil tone (from [Yirmiyahu] and Ian
>Hutchesson and others) has tended to make some orion subscribers (and
>former subscribers) who know more about Qumran texts than you and I put
>together shy away from participating in this forum.

Actually, Stephen, I'm sorry if my tone seems so less-than-civil with regard
to you. I have tried hard to solicit from you what you base your positions
on with regard to such trivial things as the Essene hypothesis or the narrow
window when the site was not occupied. You simply say unsubstantiated stuff
like I have misrepresented the facts. The best that you have done is mention
a reference here or there. I ask you what in particular draws you to
Magness's position with regard to the narrow window, as you've already
dropped the name, especially when it seems to me her position is based on an
anomalous coin found in what otherwise seems to be a totally Ib fill. Silence.

The dss is a field in which there is a history of more smoke from academia
than fire. Although we can now see the full range of documents preserved at
Qumran, we are still living in the wake of the false impressions provided by
those first few made available from cave 1. I would like to see a little
fire, but then you probably feel I need to be pointed at it first. (-: