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Re: orion Expertise

That does it! 

Hitting the delete key does no good whatsoever --
people go and quote Ian H anyway. And this blurry
mailer didn't show the address this time so I received
that disgusting answer to Judith. 

As the target of one of Ian's more vicious defamatory
attacks (sent out to quite a few people) - using all his 
techniques, such as quoting out of context, partial information,
ommission of relevant data, etc. -  I feel that I have every right 
to say something. 
(Whoo, boy, Don't tell this fellow that he shouldn't post something - 
not even if you're the List coordinator!)

Look, Ian, you have many valuable insights. BUT, you are in no position
to make even one assertion. 

You claim that you can not get the recomended books. Rome has a very fine
public library. It has one of the major repositories of primary source
materials in the world  at the Vatican Library.

You have been told to read the primary sources, but you can't. 
You can't read Hebrew. Nor can you read Greek, Coptic, Arabic, Aramaic,
Latin, or even (although you sure pushed your interpretation of Beowulf), 
Old English. (You also made a rather bad slip about Dante's Italian, but
at least you know Italian.)

People have tried to tell you that you cannot depend upon
translations to reflect what is actually in the original.
People have tried to tell you that you cannot rely on
secondary sources, the information is necessarily filtered.

Every single one of your assertions is based on secondary 
sources and translations. 

You CAN ask questions. Formulate your ideas and present them as
*possibilities* to be discussed. Remember to remain polite, and stop
calling people names. Also, remember that entrance to a list is NOT 
free speech.

Enough is enough, and that answer to Judith was the last straw!

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