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orion Providential prattle

Judith wrote:

>As a non-expert
>I certainly do not advocate that dilettantes be removed from the list; I do
>think, though, that our task as dilettantes is mainly to ask questions (and
>sometimes to point to likely connections with texts in our own fields of exper-
>tise) rather than to make dogmatic assertions based on either misinformation or
>disinformation as the case may be.

But then, as a non-expert Judith does exclude herself from being able to say
what might or might not be dogmatic in this field (other than to echo
Stephen's somewhat hollow phraseology). So, I guess her post is best ignored.

Naturally I do appreciate the her brevity of her post.


Incidentally, "dogmatic" is a nice "sound" bite. It was previously used in
the context of this list to talk about the unsupportable Essene hypothesis
that has been held dogmatically for 50 years.