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orion Re: minim

Dear Mr. Ben-David,
	You have not shown an example of an Essene text (or a Sadducee or a
Pharisee text--only later Rabbinic texts) which uses the term "min" in
reference to other Jews. Therefore, the statement you made is false. I
say this despite agreeing with you that there was criticism between
these groups, but using different terms.
	My view that you misunderstand a lot about second temple "sectarianism"
(I can live with or without the term "sect")
is based on: (1) your above-mentioned false claim, (2) your many
previous false claims on orion and ioudaios (e.g., your
misrepresentations of Qimron on MMT, which was demonstrated in
exchanges, with which I was not involved, on ioudaios), and (3) a visit
to your "Netzarim...Authentic" web site. Others can decide for
	I have given my argument on "minim." Further details are in my
	I surely favor freedom of opinion and religion. But I am concerned that
the misrepresentations and less-than-civil tone (from you and Ian
Hutchesson and others) has tended to make some orion subscribers (and
former subscribers) who know more about Qumran texts than you and I put
shy away from participating in this forum.

	Stephen Goranson      goransons@uncwil.edu