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Re: orion minim; Ib and II dating

At 09:39 27/05/97 +0000, Stephen Goranson wrote:
>Mr. Ben-David wrote:  "Each of the three groups *did*, in fact, refer to
>each other as miynim."  [assuming he refers to Pharisees, Sadducees, and
>Essenes and to minim]
>This is not a fact. The term min (minim; minut) does not appear in the
>Qumran mss in the sense of heretic/heresy. It does appear in Qumran mss
>in the Biblical Hebrew sense of kind, species.
>The term min evolved a secondary, negative, meaning in a similar way and
>at about the same time period as did the Greek word for heresy,

I guess we should lock this in then with LXX Lev. 22:18, 21.  (8-{)}
Especially since I haven't stipulated anything about a negative connotation
or the evolution of such connotation.

I also suppose the Encyclopedia Judaica is wrong in its obviously empty
assertions that "The term was widely applied to cover many different types
of 'heretics' or sectarians...  Any attempt to identify minim with one
single sectarian group is thus doomed to failure."  Who the heck were they
talking about if you rule out the three major sects?  If you're going to
defend the notion that minim only referred to non-Jews, or to Jews outside
the three major sects, it should be an interesting and amusing discussion.
It turns out your assertions aren't facts.

>Minim first appears in the negative sense in Rabbinic literature.
>Hairesis appears negatively, e.g., in Irenaeus (and at most in a few
>earlier instances).

So what.  I never implied this negative connotation and your attempt to
inject the negative connotation argument doesn't preclude the use of the
word exactly as I stated.

>I see no point in long exchanges based on misinformation.

Hear, hear!  Some logic wouldn't hurt either.
Biy-V'rakhot Torah,

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