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Re: orion some congeners and analogues of "sect"

At 03:41 26/05/97 -0400, Seth L Sanders wrote:
>More precise is a Hebrew translation of the beleaguered "sect;" (if one
>does not use the barbarous loanword "sekt") this is kat, which also has
>the sense of "party, division." Jastrow tells me that "ilu sheva' kittim
>shel tzaddiqim"  (Midrash Tillim to Psalms) means "these are the seven
>classes of righteous men;" the word had a certain neutrality for the
>Rabbis, and a fluent speaker of Modern Hebrew could tell me if this is
>still so. For a heretical group I expect the
>Rabbis to have used "min." Can we find terminology this precise?

Kat is often used of "cult" in MH.  Kiytah means "class" and would not be
used in this sense (though it would be used of seven *classes* of
tzadiyqim).  Each of the three groups *did*, in fact, refer to each other as
miynim.  Nevertheless, for us to describe them as distinct movements but
within acceptable limits of mainstream 1st century Yahadut (since the Beyt
Diyn Ha-Gadol never expelled any of these three distinct groups) and without
pre-biasing any one as more heretical than the others, I would suggest (1)
"sug" (pl. sug-IM), kind or type; and/or (2) k'vutz-AH (pl. k'vutz-OT),
group(s).  Sugim would be more appropriate when contrasting the three k'vutzot.
Biy-V'rakhot Torah,

Yirmiyahu Ben-David
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