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orion Re:Sects and Violence

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-> The Qumranites, as I stated above, document their own separation from the
-> Temple Cultus.  This separation when taken into account along with their
-> calendar and other beliefs, not known to have been part of the Jerusalem
-> establishment Temple Hierarchy of the time, de facto show that they were a
-> sect, unless you choose to change or clarify your definition of the term
-> sect.

-> I hope you like an omelet Ian, all in fun of course. I think by the groups
-> own words which play out in scroll after scroll as a common lyric show their
-> separation, and thus "sectness", when contrasted with those other "sects"
-> they are writing to and about.

-> Michael Abdon

-> Yirmiyahu Ben-David -  Shalom!

     I need a few simple paragraphs here.  How many points of view are
represented in the Dead Sea Scrolls -- just the Essenes -- or maybe a
temple sect -- Zadokites or whatever -- or several -- or what?  The
waters continue to be muddied here -- I don't know whether DSS represent
one sectarian point of view and what sect that is -- or if they
represent something a cross-section of Judaism 1st c ce.

There is quite a bit of discussion here and in the pages of BAR and
other places, isn't there?  The argument tilts one way, then the other
-- so sometimes I think it's spinning around so fast one cannot really
grasp a clear picture -- maybe when it stops spinning . . . 

But debate is good -- otherwise we wouldn't be where we are today in
religion or politics  -- oh well.

Dale M. Cannon
St. Louis, MO.