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Re: orion Re: Eisenman's James, Part 3

-> Dear Dale,

->    Thanks for writing back. Most of the people on the list just ignore my
-> posts, perhaps in hopes that I will go away. Not my opinion, eh, some of
-> them have come out and said as much.

->    But as a certified "Crackpot" I guess there are certain priviledges
-> that go along with the status. Someday I hope to start a discussion of
-> real First Century history... on which we have a tremendous amount of
-> information, as opposed to just continuing to try and examine the same 4
-> gospels over and over.

->     It is nice to meet someone else who is trying to find their own path,
-> as this is what I imagine the one they call "Jesus" was also trying to do.
-> There were a lot of others in the First Century who were also seeking new
-> and better paths. Some of them worked out, some did not.

->     In the end there was a great war, Israel was destroyed, Jerusalem
-> leveled, Masada taken. The same war saw revolutions throughout the Roman
-> Empire that led to the final extinction of the Julian family of Emperors,
-> so it was not only Israel that suffered and changed.

->     Judaism was re-written by those who sided with the Roman Legions,
-> namely the Pharisees. Christianity was suppressed, its leaders killed,
-> until finally it too was  re-born as a near-Pagan religion.

->     And in Rome itself, every history written by and for the Julian
-> Emperors was destroyed, replaced by those written at the bidding of the
-> Flavian Emperors, for the purpose of demeaning and destroying the
-> still-strong popular longing for a return of the "Golden Age".

->     Perhaps less noted, but even more important in real terms was the fact
-> that the Philosophers in the Roman Empire were either killed or banished
-> during this same period of time, losing for us much of the engineering and
-> scientific aspects of their Philosophies. There is a reason why most of
-> the major remains still standing were built in the early First Century,
-> after that the Romans had lost the knowledge needed to go on building.

->     But what hurt most of all was the loss of freedom, especially the
-> freedom to think differently, to be a maverick. Decisions went back to
-> being made by the religious or political authorities. In Judaism the
-> Rabbis spent centuries discussing commas in the Law, in Christianity they
-> wasted time on angels dancing on pins.

->     One has to wonder how different things would be today if the other
-> side had won?

->                              Yours -- BRuce Evry

thank you for your new information -- it helps explain a lot  I'm sure
that, as with the other sects, Essenes, etc. (Ian Hutchesson has sown the
seeds of doubt in my mind [of course there are other sources of this
doubt] concerning how much of a "sect" the Essenes were (although the
latest BAR has an article on unearthing the "Essene" gate -- with a
thriving community there according to the article).

war and destruction erase a lot of history -- then help to rewrite it.

Say Bruce -- or anybody -- this is probably outside the realm of Orion
and into early Christianity and maybe I should pose the question in
another place -- but you can respond privately to
dale.cannon@nightowl.net -- what about the Polycarp-Polycrates debates
in the 2nd cent ce -- right?