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Re: orion Orion James Brother of Jesus

Sigrid wrote:

>Ian also said:
>> The only contemporary documents are
>> the scrolls themselves. 

>I've seen this on Orion before, and taking your adage to heart, I must
respond. The
>contemporary Psalms of Solomon, known from the Syriac, cannot be equated with
>any Qumran text, sectarian or not, although it comes from the same period,
ca 64
>BCE. See R. H. Charle, on Psalms of Sol. I thought you knew this,

Oops, yes, I use the document rather freely in this context although it
isn't quite contemporary as its reference to the death of Pompey should
show. It also shows the impact of Pompey, which is totally lacking from the
dss, that can only muster the "AEmilius kills" reference which would pale in
contrast to the deeds of Pompey, as can be seen by the relish in his death
in the Psalms. (I use Psalms to help date the dss.)

>There is also the contemporary Scroll of Fasting, Megillat Ta`anit in
Hebrew, which
>lists days on which one may not fast.

Ignorance this time. How was it dated? And can any doctrinal position or
content be discerned?

>> Ian: 
>> I would love anyone who has some evidence for a Qumran sect to buy into the
>> argument. 
>The price you ask is too high, Ian.

Fighting for the truth is worth the effort.

Thanks for the post.