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Re: orion 4QMMT (c)

Dear Brad,

I'll happily pull my horns in a little and say that the book as we have it
now, not necessarily the character, was a Pharisaic development, though the
character seems post Ben Sirach (perhaps the Ezran harangue against mixed
marriages fits into the context of post-Watchers and MMT).

This information about Tab'el/Tobiah sounds rather interesting. I was just
wondering if you could supply the references -- my OT software doesn't give
me anything for Tab'el and variants, nor could I spot it by eye.

And I wonder whether it might not be serendipity that the name is similar.
You can find a few Zadoks in the lit without them being of the Zadokite
line. Perhaps you've got a little more that's tangible about the connection.

Also, I'd love to know whether there is a translation of the Zenon Paryri in
circulation. I know from Hengel that Zenon went to the stronghold of Tobiah
via Jerusalem, making the source of interest in itself.


Ian Hutchesson