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Re: orion Orion James Brother of Jesus

According to Ian Hutchesson:
[Ian's exchange with Yirmayahu, deleted]

> Ian:
> Dogma. We've had this dogma for too long. If you repeat something long
> enough, no matter how silly, people will start to believe it. 

This scared me into writing. See below.

Ian said:
> There is no proof of a so-called Qumran sect as separate from mainstream Judaism
of the epoch in which the texts were written. 

Ian also said:
> The only contemporary documents are
> the scrolls themselves. 

I've seen this on Orion before, and taking your adage to heart, I must respond. The
contemporary Psalms of Solomon, known from the Syriac, cannot be equated with
any Qumran text, sectarian or not, although it comes from the same period, ca 64
BCE. See R. H. Charle, on Psalms of Sol. I thought you knew this, as you once asked 
whether there was anything in them that would be worthwhile in them for the study
of Qumran, and I answered `no, there is no link in the Ps.Sol. to Qumran, perhaps
significant towards knowing there were other groups in Judaism.
There is also the contemporary Scroll of Fasting, Megillat Ta`anit in Hebrew, which
lists days on which one may not fast.


> Ian: 
> I would love anyone who has some evidence for a Qumran sect to buy into the
> argument. 

The price you ask is too high, Ian.

Sigrid Peterson

If you don't agree you should state your position
> with suitable evidence and stop falling back on authority. You should know
> better as a logician.

So far the sect supporters have reiterated the sad shreds of
> contorted logic that gave us the Essenes of Qumran, that, well, SabbathSongs
> were not sectarian, but the rest are -- on second thought, the temple scroll
> isn't either -- then again neither are the mishmarot. Well, hell, someone
> has some idea of what the sect was. Not everyone is shooting air on this
> sect business are they? How many feet does one have to tread on to get some
> serious reaction. I wouldn't mind a bit of egg on the face if only someone
> would come across with the goods.
> Yours,
> Ian Hutchesson