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orion JBS Editors

I am pleased to announce that the Journal of Biblical Studies has completed
its search for qualified editors.   The following are the members of the
editorial board:

Fred Cryer, The University of Copenhagen- Dead Sea Scrolls and Related

R.P. Nettlehorst, Academic Vice President, Quartz Hill School of Theology-
Old Testament.

Jesaja Michael Wiegard, Muenster Germany-  New Testament.

David Washburn, Wyoming USA-  Old Testament.

Jim West, Adjunct Professor of Bible, Quartz Hill School of Theology, and
Pastor of Petros Baptist Church- Managing Editor (and New Testament).

We look forward to hearing from you as you help us make JBS an outstanding
electronic Zeitschrift.  We invite you to examine the articles already
online; and more are planned in the very near future.




Jim West, ThD
Pastor, Petros Baptist Church
Managing Editor, The Journal of Biblical Studies