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orion Re: Eisenman's James, Part 3

Dear Jack,

   Thank you for your review. It was most interesting.

   One of your first comments was that we know less about First Century
Jewish history than we do about Black Holes in distant galaxies.

   As it happens we have literally hundreds of pages of historical
material about the First Century. And it gives us a very clear picture of
what was going on in First Century Judaism. It might even be helpful if
some of our scholars searching for the historical "Jesus" started first by
studying History instead of doing "textual criticism" of the New

   What we do have is a clear historical picture of a people willing to
risk everything for the freedom Not to be forced to worship a man as if he
was a God.

    What we do not have is any idea why the world would adopt a religion
based on the Worship of one of our Jewish Kings (or to be more precise
someone reputed to have been an annointed (Messiah or Christ) leader of
the Jewish people) as God.

    The answer to that question is more likely to be found in the study of
the Pagan religions of the Roman Empire than in the study of Judaism...

                              Yours Truly,

                                 Bruce Evry