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orion Orion: Ya'aquv the Brother of Y'hoshua

At 13:33 19/05/97 -0500, Jack Kilmon wrote:
>Many scholars use the phrase "Jewish Christianity" for this period but I
>see that as an oxymoron.  Others use the term N'tzarim which also brings
>debate about the historicity of the birth at Nazareth
>or misinterpretation of the Hebrew word for Nazirites (tsaddi vs.

The phrase "Jewish Christianity" is certainly an oxymoron.

However, there is no connection between N'tzarim and n'ziyrim.  I don't know
where you got that idea but it's mistaken.  Nor is there any debate about
the historicity of the birth of Y'hoshua at Natzrat that isn't inherent in
explaining the Jxsus you cite as underlying your "Yeshuine Judaism."  Quite
the opposite, Jxsus is well identified and defined by the Christian Church
-- post-135 CE, which entails debate regarding whether such an anti-Judaic
entity ever existed.  Consequently, your use of Jxsus, not the Netzarim /
N'tzarim, brings debate about the historicity of *any* birth of Jxsus.
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