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orion Re: Kingdom of God at Qumran?


In Wise, Abegg and Cook's The Dead Sea Scrolls:  A New Translation, Wise
translates 1QSb col. 4, lines 25-26 as:  [. . . may you] serve in the temple
of the kingdom of God, . . .  (p. 149).

I have checked all other available translations, and the Hebrew text as it
appears in Lohse's Die Teste Aus Qumran, and I can not figure where this
translation comes from.  (Compare Martinez, p. 433 and Vermes, p. 237.)  I am
in the process of writing my dissertation on the Kingdom of God/Heaven and
this would be a significant factor.  

I have tried to post this question several times but I have never seen it on
Orion.  If this is a redundant request, someone please email me off of the
list.  I would appreciate it.

Harry A. Manhoff
ABD University of California, Santa Barbara