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Re: orion 4QMMT (c)

At 13:25 16/05/97 -0500, Jim West wrote:
>In this document, line 10-11, reference is made to "the Book of Moses and
>... The prophets and David".  Schiffman suggests that the reference to David
>concerns the "Davidic Monarchy". 
>It seems to me, however, that the reference to David concerns the Psalms (or
>the third division of Tanak).
>Is Schiffman correct here?
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I agree with Elisha Qimron: "In this context DVYD probably refers not only
to the Psalms of David, but rather to the Hagiographa.  This is a
significant piece of evidence for the history of the tripartite division of
the Canon (see p" (Discoveries, p. 59, note 10).

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