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Re: orion 4QMMT (c)

Dear Jim,
I seem to have come in in the middle of a conversation, but it seems that
you are right and that in the sequence Book of Moses, Prophets and David,
the third term refers to the Psalms as a synecdoche for the Writings.
Haran, in his new book on canon discusses such passages as indication that
the entire canon of the Hebrew Bible in its tripartite format existed
centuries before Yavneh.
Victor Hurowitz

On Fri, 16 May 1997, Jim West wrote:

> In this document, line 10-11, reference is made to "the Book of Moses and
> ... The prophets and David".  Schiffman suggests that the reference to David
> concerns the "Davidic Monarchy". 
> It seems to me, however, that the reference to David concerns the Psalms (or
> the third division of Tanak).
> Is Schiffman correct here?
> Thanks,
> Jim
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