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orion Call for Essays


Many of you have been very kind to offer suggestions as to the content of
the new "Journal of Biblical Studies".  For that I am grateful.  As a result
of your suggestions I have made some editorial changes.  These changes are
intended to insure that the quality of material made available in JBS is of
the highest quality.

Thus, in an effort to secure articles of excellence I am once more
communicating to you an open call for essays.  Articles submitted to JBS
will be evaluated by an editor and if suitable will be posted on the Web
page which serves as home to the Journal.

Thanks for your help in making JBS a success.

(to the webmasters among you- please consider creating a link to JBS on your
home page).



Jim West, ThD
Pastor, Petros Baptist Church
Managing Editor, "The Journal of Biblical Studies" at
(submissions welcome!)