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Re: orion James the Brother of Jesus

At 04:49 PM 5/16/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I have been slowly working my way through "James the Brother of Jesus."  I'm
>only about half way through so far, but it seems to me that the broad stroke
>is something like the following: 

Its a big book!!!

>1.  James was a Nazorean/Essene/Rachabite/ priest whose approach to his
>religion was in pari materi with the "Qumran Sect."  (The implication is that
>so was his brother.)

I too think this is clearly what Eisenman means.

>2.  James was stoned by Herodian backed Pharisees because he was threatening
>their control of, inter alia, the Temple.

Not just the Temple- but the religious ideology of Jesus which was "anti

>3.  The "early church" (i.e., befoe Paul) had no message for Gentiles

This too is what he means.

>4.  The gospels and Acts are not accurate renditions of what the message of
>James and his brother.

Because Paul is a corrupter of the true message of Jesus and therefore of
James.  The Gospels also buy into the Pauline Gospel (which, according to
Eisenman, and Gerd Luedemann, was the original heresy).

>5.  Paul was a  Herodian/Roman backed Pharisee individual who used Jesus as a
>touchstone to develop a position  substantially left of the Pharisees.

ANd in harmony with the Roman domination of the land.

>6.  The Dead Sea Scrolls confirm the above.


>Is the foregoing a reasonable understanding of the book

Quite so- at least as I read it.

> and do others agree
>with the tight parallels drawn between James and the Qumran Sect.

Absolutely not.  The early Church and the Qumran community may drink from
the same well- but they are not the same thing. (as Eisenman seems to suggest).

>Mark Dunn


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