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orion James the Brother of Jesus

I have been slowly working my way through "James the Brother of Jesus."  I'm
only about half way through so far, but it seems to me that the broad stroke
is something like the following: 

1.  James was a Nazorean/Essene/Rachabite/ priest whose approach to his
religion was in pari materi with the "Qumran Sect."  (The implication is that
so was his brother.)

2.  James was stoned by Herodian backed Pharisees because he was threatening
their control of, inter alia, the Temple.

3.  The "early church" (i.e., befoe Paul) had no message for Gentiles

4.  The gospels and Acts are not accurate renditions of what the message of
James and his brother.

5.  Paul was a  Herodian/Roman backed Pharisee individual who used Jesus as a
touchstone to develop a position  substantially left of the Pharisees.

6.  The Dead Sea Scrolls confirm the above.

Is the foregoing a reasonable understanding of the book and do others agree
with the tight parallels drawn between James and the Qumran Sect.

Mark Dunn