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In an effort to widen the scope of Biblical Studies and open the door to
non-established scholars and those who have something to contribute, but who
are as yet unable to find a place in the print journals, a New electronic
Journal has been created:  The Journal of Biblical Studies.

The widespread use of computers by established and non-established scholars
has made it possible for ideas to be exchanged quite swiftly.  This new
"non-paper" journal (modelled after TC and the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures-
but endeavoring to be more general in scope) will make it possible to share
new information and insights rapidly.

Articles will be reviewed by an editor in the field in which the article is
submitted and then placed on the Journal's web page.

Articles relating to Textual criticism, "higher" criticism, Qumran,
Archaeology, and all related Biblical Studies fields will be considered.

Visit the web page at


As articles are edited they will be posted- so check back regularly.  Also,
if you have an article to submit, send it along to me and I will see that it
is reviewed and posted with all due haste.


Jim West, ThD
Pastor, Petros Baptist Church

 "Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes!"