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Re: orion Puech and Magness articles

Dear Stephen (G.),

You wrote:

>The recent article by Emile Puech is "Jonathan le pretre impie et les
>debuts de la communaute de Qumran: 4QJonathan (4Q523) et 4QPsAp
>(4Q448),"  Revue de Qumran 17 [Milik volume] (1996) 241-270.

Although we normally take the latter text (4Q448) to refer to Alexander
Jannaeus (the only king Jonathan) that is on record), I haven't found a
translation of 4Q523, merely Martinez' description: "Minute Hebrew
fragments, halakhic in content". What does the text actually indicate
regarding the brother of Judas Maccabaeus?

>	Ian H.'s characterization of the redating of the end of Ib by J.
>Magness (DSD 2 [1995] 58-65)  as "being based on one coin" is absolutely

This may be true, but the simple statement is not helpful to anyone. It is
usual that when someone wants to confute a statement they give a simple
reason why. Otherwise your words are merely wind.

So, Stephen, does Magness' position come down on the coin content of trench
A or not? Are the great majority of coins from trench A pre-63 bce? What
other evidence does Magness bring to bear in such a late dating?


Ian Hutchesson