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Re: orion Puech and Magness articles

     Excuse my ignorance.
     It is easy to tacitly state that Ian has not done his work.
     Ian included several paragraphs of what he considered supportive
     evidence. You rebutal with he is incorrect.

     I do not read French. I really do not know. You have not helped.

Dick Ferman

On Mon, 5 May 1997, Stephen Goranson wrote:

> The recent article by Emile Puech is "Jonathan le pretre impie et les
> debuts de la communaute de Qumran: 4QJonathan (4Q523) et 4QPsAp
> (4Q448),"  Revue de Qumran 17 [Milik volume] (1996) 241-270.
> 	Ian H.'s characterization of the redating of the end of Ib by J.
> Magness (DSD 2 [1995] 58-65)  as "being based on one coin" is absolutely
> false.
> 	Stephen Goranson    goransons@uncwil.edu