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orion Stephen Goranson's questions #2 & #3

Dear Stephen,

Could you give a reference to the text Puech was referring to? It would be
interesting to know.

If I remember correctly, Magness's case for such a late end for 1b is
extremely stretched, being based on one coin that finds itself along among
quite a number of AJann. (and prior) coins. It is more like a slight problem
in a case for coin evidence supporting a pre-63 end to 1b with Pompey's
order to consign all the fortresses rather than an overwhelming indication
for post 9/8 bce. One cannot seriously base their case for dating on one coin.

(Incidentally, there's no case for assuming that Hyrcanus II was ever a
Yohanan. After all, he is referred to as Hyrcanus in MishC. One would assume
that if the writer was using Hebrew he would use the name he was known by in
Hebrew. Thus it's more likely that the Yohanan coin found in trench A was
minted by John Hyrcanus I.)


Ian Hutchesson