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orion Many thanks again!

We at the Orion Center wish to graciously thank the Library of Congress 
for sending us the Garcia-Martinez and Parry Bibliography. 
We welcome any further gifts of offprints or books. Please send  them to: 
ORION CENTER, Rm 6310 Humanities Building; The Hebrew University 
of Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus Campus Jerusalem 91905 Israel.  To see all 
donations please refer to the web page 

Brian Kvasnica
Internet Site Manager

Gratefully, we acknowledge the Library of Congress for donating the 
following to the Orion Center Library

Garcia-Martinez, Florentino and Donald W. Parry. "A Bibliography of the 
Finds in the Desert of Judah: 1970-1995.  E. J. Brill, 1996.