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orion upcoming lectures

We would like to inform you of three conferences or lectures are coming up:

"Last Stop Jerusalem: The Place of Jerusalem in Eschatological 
Expectations" on April 13 at the Beck Auditorium, Bar-Ilan University and 
April 14 Beth Bar-Ilan, Old City, Jerusalem.

Papers will be given from the following people:
Hana Eshel, Zeev Safrai, Paula Fredricksen, Chana Safrai, Richard Landes, 
Yvonne Friedman, Isaac Hasson, Daniel Lasker, Aviezer Ravitsky, Moshe 
Hazani, Kurt Weis, Hillel Schwartz, and Jeffrey Woolf.  For more 
information contact (tel) 03-5318299 or (fax) 03-5351233 

Sex and the Good Place: The Gendering of Jerusalem, by Dr. Hillel 
Schwartz.  April 10th at Beit Bar Illan in the Jewish Quarter of the Old 
City of Jerusalem, Rehov Shonei Halachot 4. Reception 6 pm. Lecture 6:30 pm.

Wednesday, April 9.  Ronit Nikolsky (Handelman), "The Apocryphon "History 
of the Sons of Rikav" in the Humanities bldg., Mt. Scopus, Hebrew 
University 6:00 pm Room 5815.  (IN HEBREW).

More events can be found at ORION'S BULLETIN BOARD at 
Please inform us at msdss@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il if you have any 
information regarding upcoming events relating to the DSS.  

Thank you,
Brian Kvasnica
Orion Web Editor