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Re: Melchizedek and Levi (long)

Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 06:26:50 +0100
From: Ian Hutchesson <mc2499@mclink.it>

Dear Anders,

Thanks for the post. Just to passing ideas. 1) Russell's "refutation" based
upon thoughts from writing of seventy years ago rather than on the original
sources doesn't strike me as a refutation. Since Gaster wrote, many things
have changed in our analysis of documents and dates. I would prefer to see
something a bit more tangible. 2) Jubilees as a text does show reasonable
textual tradition trustworthiness when confronted with the dss fragments
whereas texts like TLevi don't. Yet, Jubilees was only one part of the
argument -- the starting point of the thought. 3) The Genesis 14 comment was
merely a spin-off of the main idea of a means of dealing with dss analysis
(though a valid spin-off). Melchizedek seems closely tied with the Hasmonean



Sorry if this arrives more than once... I have no luck with the orion server.