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Re: "Son of God" text

The "Son of God"-Text 4 Q 246 was presented by J.T. Milik in 1973 on a Congress
paper. J.A. Fitzmyer used this paper for a publication in NTS 20, 1973/74,
382ff (= idem, A Wandering Aramaean, Missoula 1979, 85ff). This preliminary and
not authorized publication was the basic for all other articles on this text:
see Fitzmyer, JBL 99, 1980, 5ff; idem, Bibl 74, 1993, 153ff; Garcia Martinez,
Festschrift Alonso Schokel, Madrid 1983, 229ff (= idem, Qumran and Apocalyptic
?, STDJ, Leiden 1994, ??); D. Flusser, Immanuel 10, 1983, 31ff (= idem, Judaism
and the Origin of Christianity, Jerusalem 1988, 207ff); G. Vermes, JJSt 43,
1992, 299ff.
The best article is E. Puech, Rev Bibl 1992, 98ff; and see now the official
edition in DJD XXII 165ff. For other older literture see the footnotes in all
these texts. 

Ulrich Dahmen