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Re: "Son of God" text

At 12:58 AM 3/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
>  A portion of 4Q246, the so-called Son of God text, was reportedly
published in
>1974. Can someone tell me who published that portion then and whether there
is a
>published and available copy of the actual text itself?  

Yes- in Eisenman and Wise's edition of the DSS- "The DSS Uncovered".

>  In "Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls," Shanks said the text had only
>recently come to light.  I take it he was referring to the rest of the material
>in column 2. Was anything published on this text in the 20 years between  1974
>and 1994?
>  Thanks,
>  David Crowder

See the above book.

Jim West
Adjunct Professor of Bible
Quartz Hill School of Theology