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Dear Michael,
 The topic you have chosen is a very large one and there is far too much
bibliography on it to post on this list.  Since you are in Toronto where
library facilities are good (particularly at U of Toronto), I suggest you do
the legwork.  For starts, onsult the bibliography by Parry and
Garcia-Martinez, the bibliography in Revue de Qumran and our Orion web site.
Best of luck,
Esther Chazon
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From: Michael Appiah-Boateng <yu116712@yorku.ca>
Subject: The Dead Sea Scrolls/New Testment

I am a student at York University, Toronto doing a humanity subject of
religion. I am trying to write an essay on whether the Dead Sea Scrolls
have any relationship with the Early Christian Church and the writings of
the New Testament.
Could anyone help me with any articles on these relationship -
 The Quamram community and the Early Christians.

Thanks and God Bless!!!!!

Michael Appiah-Boateng