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1) Greenfield Scholars Seminars

The Orion Center is presenting a series of seminars relating to the Dead
Sea Scrolls in memory of Prof. Jonas C. Greenfield. The Greenfield
Seminars are intended for researchers and graduate students and will
convene 12:15-1:45 p.m. in the Humanities wing of the Hebrew University,
Mt. Scopus.

March 13, 1997
"'Days of Consecration'" in the Temple Scroll: Biblical Rite or
Independent Ceremony?"
Prof. Chaim Milikovsky
Bar Ilan University

Chair: M.D. Herr

Room 2736
Humanities Building


2) Due to the Scholars' Seminar, there will be no Coffee Hour at the
Orion Center this week.


3) Orion Center/Tel Aviv University Lecture Series

All lectures will be in Hebrew at 6:00, Bnei Zion Auditorium, Diaspora
Museum, Ramat Aviv.

March 16, 1997
"Scribal Habits at Qumran"
Prof. Emanuel Tov
Editor-in-Chief of the DSS and Magnes Professor of Biblical Hebrew
Hebrew University

Respondent: Frank Pollak, Tel Aviv University