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Re: Sacrificing to standards

>From the Oxford Classical Dictionary, 2nd edition, 1970, s.v. "Standards,
Cult of." "Every permanent station of a Roman military unit, especially a
legion, and every camp regularly constructed a chapel, which, at least in
imperial times (Vegetius, De re mil. 2.6) was under the charge of the
first cohort ...  In this were kept, besides the statues of the gods
worshipped by the troops and of the emperors, the standards of the unit
and its component parts. These from an unknown date (Pliny, HN 13.23)
received divine or quasi-divine honours)." The article continues on.
Consult A. von Domaszewski, Die Religion des ro"mischen Heeres
(Westdeustche Zeitschrift 1895), pp. 9ff. Other primary citations are
given as well, including Tacitus, Ann. 2.17.2.
	Many reputable ancient historians start their search into unknown
quarters with this classical bible.

			Levon Avdoyan

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