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At 05:43 09/03/97 +0200, Orion Center wrote:
>Date: Sat, 8 Mar 1997 14:28:34 -0500 (EST)
>From: Michael Appiah-Boateng <yu116712@yorku.ca>
>Subject: The Dead Sea Scrolls/New Testment
>I am a student at York University, Toronto doing a humanity subject of
>religion. I am trying to write an essay on whether the Dead Sea Scrolls
>have any relationship with the Early Christian Church and the writings of
>the New Testament.
>Could anyone help me with any articles on these relationship -
> The Quamram community and the Early Christians.
>Thanks and God Bless!!!!!
>Michael Appiah-Boateng

I've written two books discussing various relationships, and assertions of
relationships, between the Qumran Tz'doqim ("Sadducees"), the Roman-
appointed Pseudo-Tz'doqim vassals in the Beyt Miyqdash (Temple), and
P'rushim ("Pharisees") as conclusively defined by Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT
(see Qimron, Discoveries in the Judean Desert, Oxford Clarendon, 1994),
relative to the N'tzarim (Nazarene Jews) vis-a-vis the post-135 CE Christian
Church and each's relationship to Hebrew Matiytyahu (as recorded by
Eusebius) vis-a-vis the NT:

(1) "Who Are the N'tzarim?" (Nazarene Jews), $15 from Schueller House,
2151-O Tulip Rd., San Jose, CA 95128; and

(2) "A Survey of Salvation in the Covenants of Israel from Biblical Times,"
($30, Schueller House).

You can get a taste of it from The N'tzarim Virtual Community Center (web
page; URL in signature block at bottom).

Happy reading!

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