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Qumran Curses and other things

Date: Sun, 09 Mar 1997 22:14:54 +0200
From: Richard Jordan <rjordan@earthlink.net>

I am sorry to ask this question but at present I don't have access to a
"graphic concordance" of DSS mss [the closest copy is 200 miles away] I
have Kuhn's older work....

anyway by way of Sokoloff,  I had been investigating the use of rq or
[greek = raka]- which is used in rabbinic literature in a way that
a curse, however those occasions which kuhn lists
1QpHab 10:12, 1QS 10:24, CD 10:18 do not have this suggestion.
Might there be other texts which do.... would settle for a list of texts
which have the word...

FWIW - the  NT useage from matt 5:22 has been investigated, and I have
checked the article in TDNT which does not deal with any of the qumran
material --not can I find it in any other materials.

second, also by way of sokolof, I have been looking at mmwn
[greek=mammon] -
which TDNT [yes, another NT passage, Matt 6.24] strongly suggests has a
perjorative sense, however all the rabbinic material seems when it is
perjorative, to use a pejorative modifier, suggesting that the word
is neutral. The passages I could find in kuhn:
CD16.20, 1QS 6.2, 1QMyst 1.2.5 do not seem to have any pejorative sense
indicated. Might there be other passages where this is the case, again
if I
could get a list of texts where the word is present, that would be

Finally, is there a place where I could get a "handy collection" of
texts in hebrew - again, the only thing I have is Lohse's older work, I
that something exists in Israel, but have not been able to track it
on the other hand a etext would also be quite acceptable, even


richard jordan  - rjordan@earthlink.net