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Ancient Synagogues conference

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Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 12:27:19 -0500 (EST)
From: fine steve <fine@gl.umbc.edu>
To: msorion@olive.mscc.huji.ac.il
Subject: Ancient Synagogues (fwd)

Dear Colleagues: I hope that you will be able to join us for this
conference.  --Steven Fine

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Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 09:24:07 -0500
From: Baltimore Hebrew University Library <library@bhu.edu>
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Subject: Ancient Synagogues

Jews, Christians and Polytheists in the Ancient Synagogue:
Cultural Interaction During the Greco-Roman Period

A conference organized by Baltimore Hebrew University,
co-sponsored by The Walters Art Gallery
and The College of Notre Dame of Maryland

Sunday, May 4, 1997

I. Opening Reception
10:00-11:30, The Walters Art Gallery, 600 North Charles Street.
Highlights of the Late Roman and Byzantine Collections
Greetings by Gary Vikan, Director, Walters Art Gallery

II. Keynote Presentation
1:00-1:45, Baltimore Hebrew University, 5800 Park Heights Avenue

E.P. Sanders, Duke University.

III.  The Rabbinic Sages and the Patriarch in the Ancient Synagogue
1:45-4:15, Baltimore Hebrew University
Chair:  Joseph Baumgarten, Baltimore Hebrew University

Lawrence Schiffman, New York University,
	The Early History of Public Torah Reading.

Stuart Miller, University of Connecticut,
	Ancient Synagogues in the Galilee: Rabbinic Evidence.

Lee I. Levine, Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
	The Patriarchate and the Ancient Synagogue.

IV.   Polytheists and Samaritans in the Ancient Synagogue
4:30-6:00, Baltimore Hebrew University
Chair: Catriona M.K. MacLeod, College of Notre Dame of Maryland

Steven Fine, Baltimore Hebrew University,
	Non-Jews in the Synagogues of Palestine and Babylonia:
	Rabbinic and Archaeological Perspectives.

Reinhard Pummer, University of Ottawa,
	Samaritan Synagogues and Jewish Synagogues: Similarities and Differences.

V.  Festive Banquet
6:30-7:50, College of Notre Dame of Maryland, 4701 North Charles Street.

VI.  Jews and Christians in the Diaspora Synagogue
8:00-10:00, College of Notre Dame of Maryland
Chair: Douglas Gropp, Catholic University of America

Tessa Rajak, University of Reading,
	The Synagogue Within the Greco-Roman City.

Robin Jensen, Andover-Newton Theological School,
	The Dura Europos Synagogue, Early Christian Art and Religious Life
	in Dura Europos.

John S. Crawford, University of Delaware,
	Jews, Christians and Polytheists in Late Antique Sardis.


Conference Registration:
The registration fee is $15.00, $10.00 for students.
Dinner reservations are $30.00 per person.

Telephone Number_______________________________E-Mail_______________________

Registration Fee(s):  ________$15 (regular) ________$10 (student)

Banquet (dietary laws observed):
	Number of reservations:  ($30 per person)________
Chicken________  Vegetarian ________

Total to be sent by snail mail: ________
Please make checks payable to Baltimore Hebrew University

________ I/We would like information about accommodations for the conference.

Seating is limited.  Deadline for receipt of reservations is Wednesday,
April 23, 1997.

Please send registration fees and banquet reservations to:

Dr. Steven Fine,
Baltimore Hebrew University
5800 Park Heights Avenue,
Baltimore, Maryland, 21215 USA

(410) 578-6900