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Rothschild Memorial Symposia

From: Isaiah Gafni <msgafni@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il>


The Institute for Advanced Studies at The Hebrew University
The 7th Jerusalem Summer School in Jewish Studies
               PARSHANUT HA-MIKRA
            Jewish Biblical Exegesis
             25 June - 3 July, 1997

Director: Isadore Twersky
Coordinator: Isaiah Gafni

Robert Brody,  Hebrew University
Eric Lawee, Yad Hanadiv Fellow
Jay Harris, Harvard University
Avigdor Shinan, Hebrew University
Moshe Idel, Hebrew University
Uriel Simon, Bar-Ilan University
Sara Japhet      Hebrew University
Eleazar Touitou, Bar-Ilan University
Chana Kasher Bar-Ilan University,

The Seventh Summer School will analyze the story of Jewish Biblical
exegesis, within the context of general Jewish attitudes towards texts and
their interpretation. An axial theme will be the relation of peshat (plain
literary meaning) to various kinds of non-literal interpretation. What is
the value of peshat vis--vis the rabbinic tradition? What exegetical
strategies did philosophers and kabbalists develop? How are we to evaluate
the exegesis found in the writings of homilists and ethicists - as well as
that of the classical Hebrew poets? What are the reasons for an apparent
neglect of Biblical study on the one hand and manifestations of Biblicism
on the other? What role did polemical motifs play in the development of
Jewish Biblical interpretation?
Beginning with considerations of midrash halakhah and midrash aggadah the
School will proceed to highlight the methods, achievements and
preoccupations of Jewish commentators, as well as their creativity,
originality and influence, from Rav Sa'adyah Gaon onwards, and including
Spanish, Franco-German, Italian and East European exegetes as well as
representative modern writers. Each session will consist of a lecture as
well as close readings of selections from the works of such classical
commentators as R. Abraham Ibn Ezra, Rashbam, Nahmanides, R. Bahya b.
Asher, Gersonides, Abarbanel as well as authors reflecting the values and
norms of Enlightenment, 'return to Scripture' and traditionalism.
Applications: The School is intended for advanced graduates and
post-doctoral students. Registration fees; $240. Hotel accommodation: $385.
Scholarships covering substantial portions of travel and accommodation are
available to qualified candidates.
Candidates must send a C.V., an abstract of research interests & a Letter
of Recommendation.
For application forms write to; The Jerusalem Summer School, Institute for
Advanced Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Givat Ram 91904,
Fax; 972-2-6523429. E-mail: advanc@vms.huji.ac.il APPLICATION DEADLINE:
15 April 1997 .

Laure Barthel, PhD , Associate Director
Institute for Advanced Studies
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Givat Ram, Jerusalem 91904
Tel. 972-2-6584735        Fax. 972-2-6523429
E-mail advanc@vms.huji.ac.il