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Re: raqia, Genesis 1

Dear Walt and Virgil,
I don't know much about the "basic" meaning of rq`, but more to the point 
os probably in Exodus 39: 3 wayraqqe`u et pahay hazzahav weqisses 
petilim... where rq` means "beat out", "beat into sheets".  The image of 
the firmament in Genesis is certainly related to this technological use 
of the word.
Victor Hurowitz

On Mon, 3 Feb 1997 vcbrown@sprynet.com wrote:

> Walt,
> >Do the Dead Sea Scrolls contain any portions from Genesis 1 (chapter 1)?  If
> >so, has any study been published describing these fragments?  Would any such
> >study be available here in the United States (Arizona).  Of particular
> >interest to me is the ORIGINAL meaning of the Hebrew word transliterated
> >"raqia", which is often translated as firmament or expanse.
> 	Scanlin lists six mss which contain portions of Genesis 1. They are 
> 4QGen g, 4QGen b, 4QGen h(1), 4QGen k, 1QGen, and 4QGen d.
> 	So far as I know the basic meaning of raqia has not been changed due
> to studies on the DSS mss. Raqia comes from a verb which means to stamp as with
> a foot. see Ezek 25:6 and II Sam 22:43. 
> Virgil